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Types of Therapy Used

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Strength- Based

Interpersonal Therapy

Mindulness-Based Therapy

Exposure Therapy

Dialectial Behavior Therapy 

Behavioral Therapy

Solution Focued Brief Therapy

Play Therapy

Nature-Based Therapy


Integrative Therapy

Summit Counseling feels it is important to incorporate play when counseling children 12 yrs old and younger. Having fun and being creative is critical to healthy development. Play allows a child to learn about their physical awareness, increase communication skills, learn what their strengths and limitations are, learn to follow rules as well as regulate their emotions. Play is done by playing age appropriate games, reading books together, role-playing, art and movement.

Teenagers! We get teenagers. Both Sheelu and Kate have teenagers of their own. They both have therapeutic experience working with the adolescent population in various settings. We understand there is a not one size fits all approach when providing counseling support to teenagers. We do however understand how important it is to give them a safe space to be who they want to be and/or navigate who they are. Adolescence is a tricky time in development especially with the increase in technology use. We are trained in various techniques to reach different types of adolescents. We use cognitive-behavioral therapy to help teach them how their thoughts are connected to how they feel and then react and respond to the world around them. From there we teach coping strategies to decrease any negative thinking patterns.

Fees: Session rates vary based on individual therapist and there level of experience and expertise. Sessions range from $150-$225


You have a right to receive a Good Faith estimate about what your services may cost. State-licensed or certified healthcare providers are required to provide a Good Faith Estimate of charges to every new and continuing client who’s either uninsured or isn’t planning to submit a claim to their insurance for the services they’re seeking.

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