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Family Systems Therapy can be helpful for members of the family to develop and maintain healthy boundaries. It can also help promote problem solving by better understanding the family dynamics. 

Families come to therapy for a variety of reasons whether it's to help cope with the stress of life, coping with a chronic illness, a life crisis, changes in family dynamics, sibling rivalry or some type of discipline issue. 


At Summit Counseling we provide a confidential, safe and comfortable environment for families to work through their presenting concerns.  Please feel free to reach out to us if this is something you feel your family could benefit from.

Fees: Initial Intake Fee $250 (60-90 min) FamilyTherapy Session $225 (45-50min)


You have a right to receive a Good Faith estimate about what your services may cost. State-licensed or certified healthcare providers are required to provide a Good Faith Estimate of charges to every new and continuing client who’s either uninsured or isn’t planning to submit a claim to their insurance for the services they’re seeking.

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