Individual Counseling

45-60 minute counseling sessions are provided as often as needed based on client's needs and goals.


College and Career Advising

As a Certified NH School Counselor, I can provide individualized college and career planning to include customized college search, career coaching, navigating the college application process and timelines, as well as college essay revising. There is no "one size fits all" approach to the college process, so I am here to offer 1:1 sessions to guide your student through the process and keep them on track.

Educational Consulting

I have worked in public education for 15 years and have a strong understanding of the public school system including special education. I can provide educational consulting to parents who may need more guidance on how to navigate the public school systems. The goal of educational consulting is to offer parents with options on how to assist their child in seeking out the appropriate supports while understanding the educational guidelines.